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Android SDK An Official IDE

Overview of Android SDK:

Android SDK is an official IDE for Android. It provides a comprehensive platform for android app development. It is for development, profiling, debugging and testing of android application. By using Android -SDK effectively developer can give life to their incredible ideas. Its interface is easy to use. Google has made an incredible effort by launching its Android platform. After all of the efforts it’s free to use. There are API’s helping developers in performing complex programming tasks. There are certain set of tools required to develop an application, it has it all. With modular packages approach, it’s easy to develop applications with various flavors of Android.

Introduction to Android SDK:

Android SDK comes with a kit to develop profile, test and debug android Application. It is highly efficient when provided with the required system requirements. Its Emulator makes testing easy. Requires virtualization technology enabled to test with emulator. With emulators there are various options like phone skins, device types and many more. Its set up is easy and emulator itself is feature rich. Android SDK and all its components provide a unified environment for all Android Devices. Its main window includes toolbar, navigation bar, editor window, tool window bar and status bar. That’s not all we can open new windows and perspectives and resize them as our needs. Command line support is available for various packages like for emulator, build tool etc.

Some important features of Android SDK:

It has an extensive list of features, here we will mention some.

  • .Instant Run
  • Intelligent code editor
  • Fast and feature rich emulator.
  • Robust and flexible build system
  • Optimized for all Android devices
  • Cloud integration
  • Layout Editor
  • APK analyzer

Other editions of Android SDK:

Bellow given is the Android-SDK version history.

Android SDK

version history

Software details:

Operating System SupportWindows , Mac , Linux
CategoryIDE, Development Environment, Development Tool

Android Development,

License modelFreeware
File size758MB

Android-SDK free download



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