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Overview of OpenOffice:

Apache OpenOffice is open-souce software. It is a Microsoft-caliber application. It is completely free for anyone who wants to take benefit from it. This suit will decrease your yearly expanse. It has multi-lingual support. Anyone can report its bugs and work on updates. Creation of Spreadsheets, presentation and various other text formats is possible. It’s learning cycle is very fast, anyone can master it with in no time. It can read other office formats like a pro. It is highly shareable. With Apache OpenOffice there comes various sub-products.

  • A word processor
  • Spread sheet
  • A Multimedia presentation creator
  • A designing and Illustration tool
  • A Mini database Engine
  • An Equation Editor.

Introduction to Apache OpenOffice:

20 years of continues improvement has matured this product drastically. It has currently millions of users, many of them have personally recommended OpenOffice. Its community has world wide presence. It has zero cost associated. Its not simply a collection of tools. Good user experience id on of its Qualities. All the tools inside the package gives the same user experience.  All tools in this package are installed in one go.

Features of Apache OpenOffice:


A word Processor to create any kind of documents. OpenOffice provides a template repository. With this repository custom templates can be made. With OpenOffice various tasks options are available. Simple listing of meting minutes to mail merges any thing can be done easily. It has its built in Auto Correct dictionary. It has the Style and Formatting feature which provides options for paragraph styling, character styling, frame styling, page styling, list styling and  many more options.



There are documents which could be layout-intensive. For such tasks OpenOffice has introduced frames. Moving resizing and changing a frame is pretty easy and requires a little effort to accomplish. Table of contents is one of the necessities of modern writing with this tool it’s been pretty easy to create indexes. With large documents multi-page editor provides enhanced working experience. Date time and author notes can be linked with text.


It is apache’s OpenOffice spread sheet project. It provides many features one of its core features are data-pilot. With data pilot you can compare, combine and analyze large amount of data. Reporting is one of its important feature.  Intelligent Sum button provides functionality of Multi-cell sum.



Various other functionalities include Wizards guides, Styles and Formatting, Scenario Manager, Calc’s solver, multiple users support and Microsoft import features.


It is apache’s OpenOffice multimedia presentation project. It support 2D, 3D clip art with special effects and animations. Templates can be created with its master pages feature with ease. PDF can be made with these impress presentation. Open Clip Art Library is an add-on for Impress users.



For Linux users this feature is ready to use. Various other functionalities include Master Pages, Complete range of Views, Multiple monitors support , Easy-to-use drawing and diagramming tools, Slide show Animation and Effects and support of various formats including power point.


It is Apache’s OpenOffice diagram project. Technical documents’ like ERD’s and Flow charts can be easily maid. It has 3D shapes support, with rotation in various dimensions. Various other functionalities include Smart connectors, Dimension lines, picture Gallery for clip-art and supports various formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WMF).

Apache OpenOffice



It is Apache’s OpenOffice database project to create, manipulate or view any data source. It is technical tool requires basics of database knowledge. Support for JDBC and ODBC available.

Apache OpenOffice


It can be connected with various databases. Support for LDAP protocol is available. Various other functionalities include tables, queries, reports, migration, relational databases and function /expression.


It is Apache’s OpenOffice for Mathematical Equations project. With this tool Apache Open Math working with equations becomes less pain. Equations has various forms of expressions which can be easily handled by this project. These Mathematical Equations can be integrated with writer document, Calc document, impress doc and many other types of docs.

Apache OpenOffice


Product summery:

TitleApache OpenOffice
LanguagesMulti Lingual
LicenseOpen Source
AuthorApache Friends
Operating System SupportLinux, OS X, Windows

Apache Friends Apache OpenOffice(64-bit)

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