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Aptana Studio Introduction

Aptana studio is a development environment that is used to build web Applications. It is used to build applications in Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python applications, along with complete CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It has capabilities just like eclipse IDE and can prove a powerful development engine for you. It is open source software developers can contribute in its development. It has various features its most popular feature is code assist which makes code writing, debugging and finding syntax mistakes easier. It has spell checker integrated. Users of dreamweaver initially feel uncomfortable because it has some fancy functionality missing. It is HTML5 supported. Its Eclipse plug-in is available in eclipse marketplace. Its sand alone version is little bit of heavy.

 Aptana Studio Overview

Aptana studio is free software. Its development environment is user friendly and intelligent. Its hint feature is awesome, as soon as we write tag it tell us the which browser has support for this tag.

Aptana Studio


Its debugging support is fully available for Ruby on Grails. It has weaker debugging support for Java Script. There are various types of projects that Aptana supports (Ruby, Rails, PHP, Titanium, PyDev (Python, Jython, Iron Python), .Net and many more). It has built in version control support with various version control products. This has made code tracking easier. ‘Quick difference’ and ‘code change highlighting’ support makes this tracking feature more useful.

Some important features of Aptana Studio:

  • Debugger is integrated with this IDE
  • .Its Editor supports Intelligence
  • Version control support for code tracking
  • Deployment Wizard.
  • Its Environment is also customizable.
  • Java Script supportive
  • Browser support
  • FTP support

Other editions Aptana Studio:

  • Available as Eclipse Plug-in
  • Open source Community Edition

Supported add-ons/plug-ins Aptana Studio:

  • Hunspell spelling service plug-in when using Aptana as Eclipse plug-in.
  • JsHint for front end development
  • There are also another plug-in available.

Other Products of Aptana Studio:

  • Aptana Jaxer
  • Aptana Cloud Connect

Software details:

LanguagesSupports Programming Languages
AuthorAptana Inc.
Operating System SupportWindows all versions
CategoryIDE , Development Environment, Development Tool
License modelFree

Aptana Free Download

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